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During your college years you get infinite opportunities to become a member of various associations. In addition to a student association, you can also have an enormous amount to a study Association; both during and after your student days. We have the advantages of a membership for you.

1. New people

One of the biggest advantages is that you have a lot of new people who share the same interest as you. Especially if you are new to a city or just begun are studying this is a fine side-effect. A study Association is a good place to new people. By the way: not only for now in your time as a student, but also for later in the future!

2. Build a Network

Membership of a student society is capable of building a network. The fellow students that teaches you can study both during and after your studies, if you are looking for a job, come in handy. In addition you come regularly in touch with industry, that allows you to get in touch with potential employers for an internship or job.

3. Study-related activities

Study associations regularly organise study-related activities. Think of conferences, company visits, guest speakers from the field, workshops or a trip. These activities are educational and interesting for your future. In addition, these activities also the moments for extensive networks.

4. organize Learning

Just like student associations also offer study associations the possibility to develop yourself into a true organizational skills. Join a Committee or go a step further and do have a Board year. In addition to that it really can be fun, it is also enormously instructive and State it on good on your resume. As a member of your Association, you are also in close contact with the training and have your say in, for example, the quality of education.