Running events:

Athletic club “de Sperwers” will teach you how you can run. Tell them first what you want (4, 8 or 10 km) and together with a trainer you make your own schedule. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or someone who wants to run 10 instead of 4 km! Adress: near FC Emmen stadion!!


for students who are leaving us in February. When you hand in your hbo-sportcard before 1/2/2018, you'll get a 50 euro refund (forms are available by the iShop!!)

Watch soccergames:

please send hbo-sport an email if you want to join/interested us to soccergames (FC Emmen, FC Groningen or …..)

Watch sportgames:

please send hbo-sport an email if you want to join us/ interested to Volleyball/basketball/handball/Roland Garros or ………)


you play 4 differents sports against the same opponent. Each game goes till 11 points, we start with table tennis than badminton, squash and you will finish the match with tennis!!


5 lessons, we arranged rackets and balls for you. No lessons during the holidays

And more

  • as a member you can swim/play tennis and squash for free. At the iShop you can borrow also rackets and balls!! Also the place to hire chess and checkers.
  • as a member you always pay less than non-member! Up to €250!!
  • weekly activities: basket-volleyball & indoor soccer

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Program HBO-Sport
From 29-11-2017 till 01-03-2018

Day Time Sport Contact person Member Non member
Monday 20.00-21.30 Basketball Sebastiano Semen 0 euro 2 euro
Tuesday 17.30-18.30 Tennis course (5x) Leon Kaiser 5 euro 15 euro
Tuesday 19.00-20.00 Running (8x) Hbo-Sport 5 euro 15 euro
Wednesday 19.00-20.00 indoor soccer Niels Assen 0 euro 2 euro
Thursday 20.00-21.00 Running (8x) Hbo-Sport 5 euro 15 euro
Thursday 20.30-22.00 volleyball Sebastiano Semen 0 euro 2 euro

Activities till 1-3-2018:

  • 5th of December start tennis course, LTC Emmen (near Hospital)
  • 13th of December Christmas Bowling at 1700 hrs, Bowl&Fun
  • 20th of January Racketlon tournament, Parc Sandur Emmen
  • 14th of February Students Curling tournament, Leeuwarden